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To maintain self-esteem, a man must maintain the tone of his body.
But under the influence of many factors, men are faced with a problem such as the lack of an erection, this is due to a less active sex life. buy levitra
Irregular sexual contact affects the psychological state, which leads to the formation of complexes and a decline in self-esteem.
The unique drug Levitra was created for a 100% revival of sexual activity.
Levitra contains an active drug — vardenafil, the effect of which is, a rush of blood in the genital area than positively affects the active function of the genitals.
During clinical trials, the effect of this drug was determined for treatment and restoration, to the main function of the penis!
To reproduce an erection, a complex of nerve endings is implemented, as well as the release of nitric oxide.
The essence of this is to smooth out this muscle, vardenafil complexly acting on phosphodiesterase, which concentrates on the genitals.
Expanding blood vessels, the natural flow of blood to the penis becomes stronger, which leads to the fascination of sexual profitability, the use of levitra gives an excellent result during sexual intercourse.
With sexual desire, after using Levitra, the inhibited functions of the body are released to realize sexual intercourse.
When using the drug, the result is not long in coming; the maximum effect is realized within 60 minutes or one hour. buy levitra
When consumed with high-calorie food, the time of dissolution of levitra in the body varies slightly.
About 93% of this drug is formed in the blood.
Metabolism is realized under the influence of the cytochrome system.
Complete elimination of this drug occurs within 5 hours.
In a complex of medical studies, it was noted that the drug has no side effects.
In addition to patients with pathologies of the kidneys or liver. In the presence of kidney disease, the liver does not affect the effects of vardenafil. Arriving at the base of Levitra.
The composition of this drug:
Levitra is based on vardenafil;
auxiliary crospovidone;
magnesium stearate;
silicon dioxide colloidal.
Levitra is dispensed in tablet form.
Indications for use
The use of the drug Levitra is designed to achieve a colossal erection in a short time.
Side effects:
Using a drug like Levitra can lead patients to a way to develop side effects.
Signs of this diarrhea and nausea. And the head can also hurt, also the process of inflammation in the oral cavity. buy levitra
There is also a risk of developing heart failure, out of 100% in 5% of cases of visual impairment.
I would like to note that the use of a medication can realize a short-term decline in vision in a patient
Contraindications Levitra:
The drug is not used in combination with nitrates at the risk of side effects, this leads to the body’s own intolerance to vardenafil and other complex medications.
Use is not advisable for people with heart pathologies, since there is a risk of a heart attack or stroke (In rare cases)
LIVITRA medication for women
Using Livitra for women is not cost-effective
When deciding to use the drug, be sure to consult your doctor.
Or on our SITE.
Since the instructions for taking Levitra do not include complete information, it has several contraindications to familiarize yourself with Levitra, the determination of which requires the consultation of a doctor and also analysis.
After that, the doctor will prescribe you a dose that is safe for the body.
The minimum dose is 10 mil grams, a tablet is used one hour before sexual intercourse.
To realize the maximum achievement, sexual activity of the body is required.
The maximum dose can reach up to 20 milligrams.
The next dose of the drug no more than a day (24) hours.
Features of use:
When prescribing a medical solution for Levitra, people over the age of 55 should start with a test dose of 10 mg. buy levitra
With a weak course of hepatic instability, the patient is not needed in dose adjustment.
With unstable liver function, the level of active substance decreases, for this use the minimum dose.
In people with unstable kidney function, various fluctuations in the disease dose adjustment is not defined.
At the beginning of the course of treatment, a doctor’s consultation is required. A cardiogram is mandatory for a general analysis, since after using vardenafil, cardiovascular complications may occur.
Levitra dilates blood vessels by relaxing muscles and can cause a drop in blood pressure.
In a complex of general studies, it was revealed that the effect of vardenafil on the heart muscle revealed a heart rate, which is why it is not used in combination with drugs to restore heart function.
The result of the use of Levitra, along with other analogues, is unknown.
In the presence of any deformation of the penis.
Levitra is used with great care to restore erectile function; complex use of vardenafil with alpha-blockers is recommended to start with a small dose and doctor’s advice, depending on the risk of a sharp drop in pressure.
Levitra with more or less kidney function requires constant medical supervision.
Comprehensive studies were also conducted after which it became clear that vardenafil has no effect on accelerating blood coagulation in any situation.
Levitra driving:
As it was definitely, LEVITRA does not affect the management of automobiles or other vehicles. But in the case of your unusual state, it is recommended to consult a doctor OR FREE CONSULTATION ON Our website!
Levitra Alkogolem:
As we know, alcohol is a toxic substance for our body, while drinking alcohol, the central nervous system collapses.
And also alcohol does not have a negative effect on sexual activity, but alcoholism leads to a decline in potency over many years, and the older we become, the more difficult it is for the body to fight it.
Also destroying the work of the liver and kidneys disrupts the work of the heart muscle. Levitra, + alcohol reduces metabolism in the result of the expectation of the maximum effect may not give a positive result.
Conclusion: drinking alcohol can cause severe liver disease, which can cause irreparable harm to the body. buy levitra
Levitra with other medical solutions, we do not recommend using livitra with medicines containing nitrates, since there is a possibility of low blood pressure.
Sugar-lowering drugs with their composition do not affect the effectiveness of livitra. In the course of medical experiments, no drug effect with alpha-blockers was detected.
Together with warfarin, it significantly affects the medical decisions of vardenafil. Livitravit has a complex effect on the cardiovascular system.
The conclusion is forbidden to use in combination with drugs for stable heart function in detail on our website.
If you adhere to the recommendations of doctors on the use, livitra proved that this drug is easily tolerated by the body. If any unwanted processes occur, it is recommended that you contact your doctor.
In an overdose of Levitra, medical attention is required to maintain the condition of your body. It is important to know that artificial blood purification is useless in this situation.
Analogues medicines:
One of the main competitors is VIAGRA. The drug also has a sildenafil base and improves the flow of blood to the penis. The Intigra drug, as well as other drugs, also has a similar result.
Levitra Terms of Sale
This drug is dispensed with a prescription from your healthcare provider or CONSULTATION FOR FREE on our SITE.
Testimonials of doctors and our clients
People confirm, as well as the safety of this drug. It is mobile in use; the result is immediate, doctors recommend it for prophylaxis in case of weak erection.
Following the recommendations, he perfectly implements sexual function. The minimum dose restores erections to 10% with prolonged treatment at 100% regardless of age.
Levitra increases confidence, and also destroys complexes!
HOW stores Levitra?
Levitra should be stored in a dry, dark place at a temperature above 30 degrees, be sure to protect it from not completely summer. buy levitra
Shelf life not more than 3 years after purchase. Shelf life is indicated on the packaging.
After this period, the drug should be disposed of.